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“Salute” – Molto Buono!

August 14, 2011

Today was the last day of the Taste of Hartford 2011. There were 30 participating restaurants throughout the City of Hartford, each offering their own special three course menu for only $23 per person! Whatever your “taste” – Italian, Mexican, Asian, Continental, Portuguese, Cajun, Japanese, Spanish, or Seafood – there was something for everyone!

On this rainy Sunday evening, my husband, Joe, and I decided to try Salute. Located diagonally across from  Bushnell Park, an appetizing surprise awaits you. From the moment you enter Salute, hospitality greets you. The staff is warm and friendly. The service is excellent! You cannot tell the owners from the wait staff! The high coffered ceilings and granite tiled wainscoting frame a fine dining experience.

What to order? For me, a Field Green Salad to start, Rose Pasta for the entrée and for dessert, a Tiramisu that rivaled my best Tiramisu! Joe ventured beyond his comfort zone this evening and had the Strawberry Salad, Shrimp Fra Diablo and Banana Bread Pudding! Everything was fantastic! Thank you Lisa for the great service. We will return to Salute again in the near future! Grazie and Buon Appetito!

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Taste of Hartford 2011

August 1, 2011

The Taste of Hartford begins todays! This is a terrific opportunity to try many of Hartford’s world-class restaurants at an affordable price – only $23 for a three-course meal! Wow!

Participating restaurants are located throughout the City of Hartford. Click on the link below to view the list of the participating restaurants and their respective “Taste of Hartford” menus.  The best choice of restaurants yet!

“Take Me Out To The Ball Game…”

January 23, 2011

Wait! Not Fenway Park! Not Yankee Stadium! Take Me To Vintage Baseball At Colt Meadows!

Last summer, my husband and I saw our first Vintage Baseball games and we had a blast. We attended on Boost Hartford Day and saw Billy Barnie’s Blue Boys play The Charter Oaks of Hartford according to 1860’s rules (no gloves) and the Hartford Senator’s play the Springfield Wheelmen according to 1880’s rules. We brought our lawn chairs, refreshments, and enjoyed the day at Colt Meadows. Food and refreshments were available at the vintage concession stand – soda pop, hot dogs, and more. Best of all, admission and parking were free! Vintage baseball – local, affordable, and for fans of all ages!


2010 Wethersfield Condo Market – Where Buyers Bought

January 8, 2011

Condo Complexes With Sales in 2010

  2-bedroom Units 1-bedroom units
Complex Style # Sold Price Range # Sold Price Range
Ashwood Court Ranch 4 $70,000-$110,000    
Brandywine Townhouse 2 $164,900-$167,000    
Collier Farms Single 1 $317,500    
The Crossings Townhouse 2 $191,000-$201,000    
Eziekial Ranch     1 $135,000
Mill Pointe Ranch 1 $263,000    
Morningside Village Townhouse 2 $137,900-$173,000    
Orchard Brook Townhouse 2 $173,000-$175,000    
Orchard Brook Ranch 1 $153,400    
Park Ridge Ranch 1 $107,000 3 $62,000 – $75,000
Ridge @Wethersfield Ranch 1 $181,000    
Tabshey Court Townhouse 1 $165,000    
The Ridge Townhouse 1 $182,000    
Townhouse 88 Townhouse 2 $130,000-$160,000    
Williamsburg Townhouse 2 $107,000-$118,000    
Wolcott Hill Ranch     4 $54,500-$65,000

The above chart shows that 12 of the 31 sales were either in less expensive complexes (under $125,000); i.e., Ashwood Court, Park Ridge, and Wolcott Hill. Buyers purchased in the less expensive complexes or looked for deals in the other complexes around town.


Wethersfield Condo Sales Activity 2003-2010

January 8, 2011

Historical Snapshot of Wethersfield Sales Activity as of 12/31/2010

Year # Units Sold Median Sales Price Average Sales Price Average Days On Market
2010 31 $135,000 $136,165 73 days
2009 33 $170,000 $146,157 84 days
2008 46 $194,000 $191,021 85 days
2007 60 $163,000 $162,669 46 days
2006 77 $138,000 $152,152 50 days
2005 82 $144,750 $152,727 36 days
2004 50 $134,000 $143,678 42 days
2003 57 $118,000 $120,458 26 days

2010 condo unit sale volumes were slightly below 2009 sale volumes. More importantly, the median and average sales prices declined in 2010. The lower sales volumes and the decline in the median and average sales prices are attributable to:

  • Conventional mortgages increased down payment requirements for condo purchases which vary now based on the Buyers’ credit scores.
  • Both conventional and government mortgage lenders are more carefully reviewing condo documents and financial statements, with a keen focus on reserves.
  • “Spot” approval of non-FHA approved condo complexes was practically eliminated when HUD changed the “spot” approval rules.
  • HUD approval of condo complexes for FHA mortgages is no longer evergreen. FHA approved condo complexes now have to renew their approvals every two years or fall off the FHA approved list. In addition, condo complexes need to comply with new, more stringent, FHA guidelines to get or keep FHA approval status.
  • Competition from smaller single family homes.


CHFA Homebuyer Mortgage Program

December 23, 2010

Each Thursday at noon, CHFA publishes the mortgage interest rate for its Homebuyer Mortgage Program for the upcoming week. CHFA interest rates are subject to change weekly but are “fixed” for the term of the mortgage once a buyer goes to contract on a property and the lender locks the interest rate (120 day rate lock).

The State of Connecticut offers excellent programs for first time home buyers purchasing their dream home. Several special mortgage programs are available in addition to the Homebuyer Mortgage Program, including Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance (known as “DAP”) for eligible buyers requiring 100%+ financing to purchase their first home. More information about all of CHFA’s mortgage programs, the applicable interest rates, and other eligibility guidelines is available at


A Victorian Holiday in Hartford CT

December 10, 2010

Have you ever thought about what Christmas was like during the Victorian period (late 1800’s)? Travel back in time and get a glimpse of a Victorian Christmas on Sunday, December 12 between 5pm and 8pm on Farmington Avenue in Hartford’s West End. The Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain homes will be authentically decorated and the halls will echo the sounds of the season. Take a carriage ride around Nooks Farm. Enjoy hot cocoa, sweets, carolers, and music as you experience an 1880’s Christmas celebration in two of Hartford’s most famous historic homes. Admission is $20 for Adults an $10 for children.

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